Monday, February 19, 2018

Motivational Seminars


Putting On Your 3 –D Glasses


Many people get trapped in a boring, one dimensional life, never living with real passion.  As a result, they live their entire life according to someone else’s agenda.  Putting on your 3-D glasses shows us how to use our Dreams, Discovery, & Drive to experience life in all of its vibrant fullness and wonder.

Live Courageous

What would we do if we knew we would not fail?  Once this question is addressed, we can boldly go forward to craft the life we were meant to live.  Perfect for both youth and adult settings.

Are You A Trader ?

It is easy to trade the things that are really important for the things that seem urgent at the moment.  As a result, we fail to use our lives for that which matters most.   What would you be willing to trade for a life of great significance?



The Leadership Skills of Captain Morgan

Captain Henry Morgan had the ability to lead a headstrong, rag-tag group of sailors to achieve phenomenal results.  From a life of obscurity, he became, not only the most famous and successful privateer of all time, but rose to the rank of admiral and was knighted by the Charles II.  Once lost to history, his principles of leadership are now revealed for us to model in modern business settings.


Please Help, Someone I Love Is On Drug

Only those who have been there themselves can fully understand the feelings of desperation that someone feels as they watch drugs and alcohol destroy the life of someone they love.  From personal experience and the lessons learned as a founding member of the leadership team of a 40 bed adolescent, substance abuse treatment facility, Steve shares insightful ways for you to understand and help those caught in the cycles of addiction.